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Tax Accounting Methods for Enhanced Cash Flow

Neikirk, Mahoney & Smith can facilitate the implementation of income tax accounting method planning, to help optimize cash flow and mitigate risks and uncertainties.

Tax accounting methods primarily involve the timing for income and expense recognition and changing them often requires the consent of the IRS. Neikirk Mahoney & Smith can enhance cash flow by analyzing your current accounting methods and determining the procedures necessary to achieve optimal tax results by controlling the timing of income and expense recognition. We can also help mitigate risks and uncertainties by identifying potential problems with your current tax accounting. Neikirk, Mahoney & Smith's expertise and experience will streamline the IRS process from filing to approval.

Neikirk, Mahoney & Smith can assist in tax accounting method planning in the following non-exclusive list of areas:

  • Income and expense recognition
  • Inventories
  • Fixed assets and depreciation and amortization
  • Capitalization
  • Accounting periods